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There I was, UNDERGROUND, bending the light

There I was, UNDERGROUND, bending the light is an installation that mixes together dance, movement scores, and sculpture. The event acts as a surreal, pop-up club in a Bangkok shop house where the audience completes the world by playing the club-goers. Inside are conjoined deer, mischievous women executing kaleidoscopic patterns, and 'spirits' soaking up the light of the moon. Echoing throughout is an original composition of club music infused with psychedelic alarms. The cast includes dancers from the United States and Thailand. 

By Paige Phillips

Installation with Evan Dawson

Sound by Liam O'Connor

In collaboration with the performers...
Deer: Haste Leartvimolkasame and Tanakorn Sunvaraphiphu

Women: Ani Javian and Gabby Stefura 

Spirits: Jill Guyton Nee and Jeorbe D Kong


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