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Cornering a Hare

Sewing a thread that connects the visual and performing arts, Cornering a Hare  reimagines religious and spiritual traditions as contemporary art practice. The audience is invited to explore the gallery and spend time with the ongoing performances, which work to disband the space-time confines of a traditional concert. Fictionalized rituals simulating meditation, pilgrimage, penance, and trances are fused together with pop-culture to create displaced images. By juxtaposing and mixing these together with movement repetition, the emerging images materialize a question: what belief systems are really at play? 

By Paige Phillips

Installation and costumes with Evan Dawson

Painting by Michael Ambron

In collaboration with the performers....

Nurses and the Prince: Rachel Barker, Gabby Stefura, Owen David

Circling the Promised Land: Katie Aylward, Megan Davis, Shannon Drake, Jill Guyton-Nee, Rashana Smith, Abby Zbikowski

May that we be inspired by the light: Evan Dawson, Brian Devine, Ani Javian, David Knox, Michael Morris, Tyisha Nedd, Phillip Spangler, Preston Witt


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