The Birds Keep Singing


In The Birds Keep Singing, the dancers go in and out of vignettes, moving between deranged euphoria and disturbed interactions; their exact relationship remains vague throughout, and the viewer is left questioning their motivations. Both performers are depicted as equally strong, which is seen through their powerful energy and back-and-forth dominance over one another. During the ten-minutes, music is only played for 90 seconds. For the rest, the performers create a deep and throaty sound score, adding an eerie quality to the atmosphere. The sustained duration and pacing of sections mimic suspenseful aspects found in horror genre. Overall, the work explores many facets of an unbalanced relationship, while also shattering normative partnering expectations.

By Paige Phillips

In collaboration with the dancers: Megan Davis & Josh Hines

Commissioned by Josh Hines


All content © Paige Phillips