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The Tale of the Slaughtered Hog

The Tale of the Slaughtered Hog is a lively and raucous performance that weaves together Paige Phillips’ memories of growing up in coal country West Virginia with radical Appalachian histories. It is a sweeping narrative that encourages national allyship, highlighting patterns of labor exploitation and wealth inequality.

Audiences learn about the Coal Wars, a series of armed labor conflicts led by a group of multiethnic and multiracial miners. Phillips, a daughter of a coal miner, grapples with redneck tropes and questions why there is so much animosity toward our nation’s rural poor.

Direction, Choreography and Performance by Paige Phillips

In collaboration with the performers: Jeff Evans,

Nick Jonczak, Chloe Marie, Celine McBride, Judy Williams

Guest Choreography & Performance: Paule Turner

Art Direction & Installation: Evan Dawson

Sound Design: Liam Ze’ev O’Connor

Lighting: Matthew F. Lewandowski II

Presented by: Philadelphia Dance Projects

Funded by: The National Endowment for the Arts, Penn Treaty Special Services District, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Illuminate the Arts

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