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Après moi, le déluge

Après moi, le déluge (After me, the flood), a phrase attributed to King Louis XV of France, describes the attitude of someone who does not care about the consequences of their actions. Surreal vignettes pull imagery from the choreographer's recurring dreams about floods and tsunamis, and the aesthetics were inspired by Francisco Goya's series of paintings about the supernatural. Mythic situations pairing humans against nature depict a hopeless struggle for survival; issues of control and power surface as the piece unfolds, bringing with it thoughts of environmental disaster and political turmoil.

By Paige Phillips

In collaboration with the performers: Owen David, Jill Guyton-Nee, Ani Javian,Tyisha Nedd, Gabby Stefura, Preston Witt

Après moi, le déluge was funded by the Ohio Arts Council's Individual Excellence Award

Link to review by Michael Morris


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