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Après moi, l'obscurité

Après moi, l’obscurité (After me, the darkness) examines a myriad of social and political injustices that women have been forced to endure. By collaging together aesthetic and contextual references from the Renaissance, mid-century, and today's pop-culture, the content lays witness to the longevity of such indignities. A wild ride of vignettes feature sexually anthropomorphized horses, contrived frivolity, and Francisco Goya’s depictions of witchcraft, amounting to a bold rejection for nostalgic ideals of purity and femininity.

Click for review: Thinking Dance by Zornitsa Stoyanova

Click for review: The Dance Journal by Olivia Wood

By Paige Phillips

Sound: Liam O’Connor

Materials with Evan Dawson

In collaboration with the performers: Celine McBride, Margot Electra Steinberg, & Mary-Carmen Webb

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