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Artist Statement

My artwork is situated on the intersection between the performing and visual arts, engaging most frequently with dance, movement scores, installation, and video. In a world where communicating through technological devices is ubiquitous and American culture suggests that happiness can be found through material goods, my process seeks to explore how corporeal interactions offer alternative ways to create purposeful meaning.


My process looks at how rituals and pop-culture play a role in forming community, spirituality, and self-awareness. Pulling from multiple sources, content is drawn from that which is created by a collective conscious. By fusing together seemingly disparate aesthetics and structures, displaced images are formed that destabilize stereotypes and complicate binaries, such as what is worthy of value and the assumed difference between the sacred and profane. Through repetition, developments, and revisions,  space is granted to contemplate how meaning is being constructed inside of my works and in conjunction with the world at large.

-Paige Phillips

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