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Shape of the Earth: and so I take you with me

Figurative sculptures were formed by marking out the most distal points of Paige and Evan's bodies holding falling shapes, and made with local resources from Nepal. The objects were then carried around different terrains in Lower Mustang by Paige and Evan, sometimes with the help of local residents. These actions were documented with photography, then edited digitally and through drawing, and turned into a place relevant children's book that incorporated narrative inspired by local mythology. Copies of the book were donated to the children of Marpha.

Shape of the Earth: and so I take you with me  is a collaboration by Paige Phillips and Evan Dawson created during a residency at The Marpha Foundation, Nepal.


To Gather Together Again

To Gather Together Again was an exhibition at Park Gallery (Kathmandu, Nepal) that included a compilation of works made during Paige and Evan's visits to Nepal during 2015 and 2016. Cards that read, in both English and Nepali, "To Gather Together Again" were scattered across the floor among the artwork, and they were given to all visitors. Other artwork included excerpts from Shape of the Earth (seen above), and The ram who felt the earth quake: The ram who shook the earth.

In part, the exhibit acted as a response to the April 2016 earthquakes. All pieces were put up for auction, and 100% of the proceeds went to an earthquake relief fund that aided residents of the Bungamatti neighborhood in Kathmandu.



The exhibition was sponspored by a grant from the USA Embassy Kathmandu.

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