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How Could anything be on fire right now?

How could anything be on fire right now?  is a collaboration between Paige Phillips and Evan Dawson to make a work for a 4' x 4' stage. Images were pulled from life events and their relationship. To get relief from the punching, they drank scalding milk. To get relief from the scalding milk, they punched each other in the hearts. 

all in order, all in time

By Paige Phillips

Sculptures and sound by Evan Dawson

In collaboration with the dancers: Jeff Fouch, Josh Hines, Gabby Stefura

All in order, All in Time  was commissioned by The Columbus Moving Company for Off the Wall. It was a collaboration with the Pizzutti Collection in which choreographers were asked to create performances inspired by a work from the gallery. Phillips chose La Torre de Nieve (The Tower of Snow) by  Enrique Martínez Celaya.

Complaint Box

Paige Phillips carried around a "complaint box" (constructed by Evan Dawson) everywhere she went for three months. When people asked her about it, she offered for them to write down their complaints and to carry them with her. She read the complaints every night before bed, and created a blog about the experience:

As was said

Description: A dance film collaboration between Paige Phillips and filmmaker Przemek Pardyak, loosley inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita.

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